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At Berwick Post we approach every project with the same level of creativity, commitment and dedication; whether it is a commercial, a corporate video or a feature film. We finish projects to the highest quality and we commit our full attention to every precise detail that could add that little 'special something' to the production, to make it stand out from competitors. We strive to make your project the best it can be; regardless of the budget.  We have the Adobe creative suite, Final Cut and an Avid Media Composer system. We also specialise in producing DCPs for cinema.  


      "I worked at Berwick Post Ltd last summer to edit three new music videos. I was impressed from the minute I walked in, with the clean, open spaces and smiling faces.  Everyone there and I mean everyone was so helpful and fun to be with.  Ellie Osborne was my editor and she did a brilliant job, working quickly and she was easy to communicate my ideas to. If we came upon any glitches we were able to call in any number of the team to help.  I was impressed with the talented and experienced team that runs Berwick Post and I am looking forward to working there again.  Berwick Post took me on a smooth journey, finishing my film projects easily and effortlessly.  Thank you Berwick Post Ltd."

              - Jacqueline Kroft - Musician

Ana Stanojevic

Ana Stanojevic is a creative and talented editor, having graduated film school from Regents University London. She is experienced in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, and 360° video editing. 

     "Ana is showing all the signs of developing into an exceptional talent. I have worked with a fair few editors over 50 years - and I don't - and won't - say that often. She's not just good - she's very good!"

         -Laurence Boulting Writer and Director